launch on early December

What is MTVX?

MTVX is a deflationary token that provides holders massive profits by instant staking through reflections in $ETH. The token is backed by a highly competent, motivated, and doxxed team that understands how to harness network effects to send it to infinityX!

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Buy Tax
4% reflections $ETH
4% marketing
2% development
2% liquidity
Sell Tax
6% reflections $ETH
4% marketing
2% development
2% burn
2% liquidity
Total Supply: 1 Billion
Buy Tax: 12%
Sell Tax: 16%
Anti-snipe / Anti-whale
Rewards dashboard
Auto burn
Contract audit by @InterfiNetwork
See Audit Result
Launch tax activation feature
Well timed MTVX happy hour

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Marketing Track

15th November

Pre-launch Marketing

LIVE in action on NYC Time Square Billboard